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Países do Golfo concordam em pôr fim às tensões com o Qatar

Os ministros de relações exteriores dos países do Golfo fecharam um acordo para pôr fim a meses de tensões entre o Qatar e os outros países do Conselho de Cooperação do Golfo (GCC, sigla em inglês) a respeito da Irmandade Muçulmana.

Foto: Reuters.

Foto: Reuters.


As rivalidades se acirram entre países árabes

Bhadrakumar argumenta que um novo capítulo da política no Oriente Médio está começando. Primeiro sinal disto foi a Arábia Saudita, Bahrein e Emirados Árabes Unidos (EAU) anunciarem a retirada de seus embaixadores no Qatar e, logo após, a classificação da Irmandade Muçulmana como grupo terrorista pelo governo saudita.

Foto: Ho New / Reuters.

Foto: Ho New / Reuters.


Qatar, Arábia Saudita, EAU e a cisão no Golfo

Arábia Saudita, Bahrein e Emirados Árabes Unidos (EAU) anunciaram que haviam chamados seus embaixadores no Qatar para consultas sob alegação de que o país estaria interferindo em assuntos internos dos membros do Conselho de Cooperação do Golfo (GCC). A decisão, sem precedentes, indica mudanças significativas no GCC e na própria balança de poder no Oriente Médio.

Conselho de Cooperação do Golfo. Fonte: Reuters / Faisa Al Nasser.

Conselho de Cooperação do Golfo. Fonte: Reuters / Faisa Al Nasser.


Visita de Cameron aos Emirados Árabes deve selar venda de caças e armamentos

BAE Systems, empresa britânica do setor de defesa, está pressionando para que se assine um acordo de £ 6 bilhões com os Emirados Árabes Unidos para a venda de caças Eurofighter. No início deste mês, a empresa anunciou reestruturamento e demissões devido a uma queda na demanda.

Caça Eurofighter. Fonte: PressTV.

Caça Eurofighter. Fonte: PressTV.

UK PM due in UAE for arms, jet fighter deals

PressTV – 17/11/2013

Britain’s weapons manufacturer BAE Systems is vying to ink a more than 6 billion pound deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to sell the Persian Gulf Arab country the Eurofighter jet system, local media reported.

The possible deal will be discussed during the Dubai Airshow this week, when Prime Minister David Cameron visits the region to clinch a number of weapons sale accords to pump Arabs’ petrodollars into the UK’s struggling economy, British media reported.

The UAE has been contemplating for a year now to choose between the Eurofighter, which is a joint product of BAE, EADS and Italy’s Finmeccanica, and France’s Dassault Systems Rafale aircraft for an order of at least 60 jets.

Last year, the UAE was expected to finalize an agreement for the Rafale, but talks faltered following visits by Cameron and after Abu Dhabi said the terms were unworkable and uncompetitive.

Industry sources familiar with the Eurofighter expressed hope that a memorandum of understanding or contract will be signed at the air show.

“It’s still pending, but Cameron’s pushing like hell for it,” an industry source said on condition of anonymity.

The BAE has long been marketing in the Persian Gulf region for selling the Eurofighter to the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Bahraini regime.

If the company could secure the UAE deal and another order from Saudi Arabia, its production line would have the much required job guarantees for four years to 2022 at a rate of 30 planes a year, said BAE’s Chief Executive Ian King.

The BAE Systems announced on November 6 that it would cut 1,775 jobs in Scotland and England and end its shipbuilding section altogether at Portsmouth amid a “significant” drop in demand.

Fonte: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/11/17/335050/bae-systems-vying-to-sell-jets-to-uae/

Planos para assassinar Vladimir Putin fracassam, segundo agências de inteligência

Putin assassination plan foiled

Russia Today – 27/02/2012

Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services have foiled terrorist plans to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Russia’s most-wanted terrorist Doku Umarov is thought to be behind the plot.

­The internationally-wanted criminals detained in Ukrainian city of Odessa confessed they had intended to assassinate Putin. The attack was supposed to be carried out in Moscow right after the presidential elections of March 4.

One of the suspects revealed they had flown into Ukraine from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey. His accomplice has been killed in an explosion in the apartment they rented, where investigators later found explosives.

They got all the instructions from Russia’s most-wanted terrorist Doku Umarov. According to the detained, they were instructed to carry out a number of attacks in Moscow and to plan a further attack on Putin.

He also informed about another group participant, Adam Osmaev who was later arrested in Ukraine. The suspect is now cooperating with investigators in fear of possible extradition to Russia. (mais…)

Ministro iraniano desmente suspensão de comércio com os Emirados Árabes Unidos

Iran rejects halting trade with UAE

Ettelaat News – 21/12/2011

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has rejected reports about Tehran halting trade with the United Arab Emirate (UAE).On Tuesday, a number of Iranian news outlets reported that according to a decree by Iran’s Industry, Mines and Commerce Minister Mehdi Ghazanfari, all trade relations with the UAE have been halted until further notice.

According to the reports, Iran’s Trade Development Organization (ITDO) refused to register new orders from the neighboring country. Mehmanparast explained that the Iranian Industry, Mines and Commerce Ministry’s order registration website was down on Tuesday due to technical problems. (mais…)

Irã suspende importações dos Emirados Árabes Unidos

Iran squeezes UAE with stopping imports

Tehran Times – 20/12/2011

As a punitive measure Iran temporarily stopped imports from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday as the Arab state is allying with the West in its sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian industry, mine and trade minister has ordered a temporary stop to the import register offers from the UAE, the Mehr news agency reported on Tuesday.

Iran’s ambassador to Abu Dhabi also confirmed a stop to import register offers from the UAE.

Iran is the main destination of exports and re-exports from the UAE. It has gained some $12 billion income from exporting goods to Iran over the last eight months. Iran’s punitive action, if continues, will leave a serious negative impact on the UAE economy. (mais…)