PLJ do Egito não irá abandonar o slogan “O Islã é a solução”

Saad Katatni. Foto: n.i.

Brotherhood party won’t abandon the slogan, “Islam is the solution”

Youm7 – 05/10/2011 – por Nirmeen Adel Zaher

The general secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, Saad Katatni, said the party will not abandon the slogan “Islam is the solution.” Katatni said the party will hold to it as a central slogan.

Katatni said the slogan is constitutional, legal, general and comprehensive. He said the party is studying the usage of sub-slogans to serve the electoral program and its goals.

Katatni’s statements are the first challenge between the Islamic-based party and the chairman of the High Elections Committee, Abdel Moez Ibrahim, who banned the use of religious slogans in political propaganda and during Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections.