Governo de Mianmar assina acordo com grupo étnico armado para promover paz

Myanmar gov’t inks deals with ethnic armed group to bolster peace

Xinhua News / Mu Xuequan – 10/10/2011

YANGON, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) — The Myanmar central government has signed agreements with the ethnic armed group that represents Mongla Special Region-4 for the first time,the state radio and television reported Monday.

The discussion was held between Mongla Special Region-4 and the central government in Kyaing Tong in Eastern Shan state, On Sunday.

After the talk, the central government and Mongla Special Region-4 signed the agreements which include reopening the offices of education, health and communication from both sides, cooperating with the government in drug elimination and promoting the development of border areas.

Shan State (East) Special Region-4 (Mongla) was the area where the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) was resettled in June 1989.

The central government, as part of its peace efforts, issued an announcement on Aug. 18, calling on anti-government ethnic armed groups to come for peace talks to end internal armed insurgency and build peace in the country.

The peace talks offered by the central government came shortly after Myanmar President U Thein Sein outlined some new policies dealing with armed conflicts with ethnic armed groups and dissidents in and out of the country.

Since 1994, 17 major anti-government ethnic armed groups and 23 smaller groups have made peace with the government, of which some were resettled in special regions with arms retained, conditionally enjoying self-administration.