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Obama discursa para a União Africana

Como o primeiro presidente estadunidense a visitar a sede da União Africana (UA) em Adis-Abeba, na Etiópia, Barack Obama discursou sobre a importância do estabelecimento de instituições democráticas nos processos de transição de poder nos países da África, fazendo referências específicas às eleições no Burundi, cujo teor já fora duramente criticado pelo governo do país. A importância do combate à corrupção e da promoção de transparência nas emergentes gestões democráticas no continente também foram temas abordados no seu discurso, além de condenar a repressão feminina, crítica feita já feita por Obama em Nairóbi.

Foto: AFP.

Foto: AFP.


Partidos ghanenses aguardam o final das eleições

Ghana eleições
Ghanaian Parties Hold Big Final Rallies

05 de dezembro de 2012 – All Africa

The President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has assured the public that the security agencies are sufficiently resourced to ensure a successful election.

The President said this at a mammoth rally in Accra to wrap up campaign activities ahead of the polls on Friday.

He told teeming supporters that the government has discharged its duty towards a successful election. “We have given the Police vehicles and communication equipment to be able to police this election so there is no reason why we are not going to have a peaceful election or a successful election. (mais…)

Hassan Sheik Mahamud foi eleito o novo presidente da Somália

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud elected new Somalia president

10 de setembro de 2012 – Mail&Guardian

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is Somalia’s new president after the 56-year-old university lecturer got the majority of votes in a second round of elections.

The run-off pitted him against former president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Mohamud garnered 190 votes against 79 for Sharif, according to a tally by an AFP reporter at the scene.

The two men were neck and neck in the first round of voting but Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emerged victorious in the second and final round. (mais…)

Morte de Meles desperta planos de sua sucessão na Etiópia

Meles’ Death Sparks Succession Planning As El Cid Rides Again

21 de agosto de 2012 – All Africa

The death of Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi was announced this morning, following complications arising after a long illness. Yet for weeks now, rumours have been flying around the internet that Zenawi had died in an overseas hospital, and that this news was kept quiet whilst the fierce succession battle took place.

Whether true or not (and it would certainly not be the only time in recent months that the death of an African leader had been kept quiet until the struggle for succession had been won), the political elite in Ethiopia has almost certainly been seeking how to ensure a smooth transition since Zenawi’s last public appearance in mid-June.

There are a number of interesting questions that emerge from this, for Ethiopia itself, for the international community, and for watchers of African politics and leadership more widely. (mais…)